Emelie Andersson is a qualified hairdresser and a certified make-up artist with a professional attitude and 100% dedication.
Her creative skills and experience make her the perfect stylist for any photo shoots, music videos, wedding and parties. She also does hair extensions, using Tressallure’s hair, as it has the best qualities.

Born 1986 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
• Interested in color and shape from a young age. To create and change a person’s appearance and image is a challenge, a passion and a pleasure.
• Worked as a professional hairdresser since 2006 and makeup artist since 2010.
• Competed in hairdressing and achieved 3rd in the Swedish Professional Championships 2006.
• Achieved Journeyman Certificate in 2007.

”Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art”

For any queries and for price information, email; emelie@studiomli.com

For make-up enquiries and hair extentions please contact Emelie on:

For cut and colour please contact Frisör Mäster Olof on:

Studio MLI is a taxregistered company.

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